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Therapeutic Services

Support On Every Step of the Way


Individual Therapy

If you have been struggling with symptoms of anxiety or depression, you are in the right place. Therapy is your time to prioritize your own well being.  Together we will work towards achieving your goals and  you will uncover new ways of relating to yourself and the world around you.  I offer an eclectic approach based on your specific goals and needs.


EMDR Therapy

 EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an evidence-based psychotherapy approach that helps people recover from trauma.  Trauma is not the event, rather the emotional wounds that we are left with after the event is over.  In EMDR therapy we will work at your own pace to identify internal and external resources that will help you to stay grounded before we begin reprocessing.  The goal of reprocessing these memories is to be able to link the traumatic memory to an adaptive positive belief about yourself.  You will notice over the course of treatment that your relationship to these memories and how you feel about them will change.  Please reach out with any questions or to have a more in depth conversation about how EMDR can help you.  



Reiki is a safe and subtle energy-based healing modality.  Reiki uses gentle, physical touch or hands slightly above the body to transfer healing energy.  The goal of reiki is to offer relaxation and stress reduction to promote overall well being.



At this time I do not accept insurance.  I am happy to offer a statement that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Payment is due at the time of session. Please see pricing below.
Psychotherapy and EMDR: $200.00 per 45 minute session
Reiki:  $100.00 per 45 minute session

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